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Czech Republic country flag
Czech Republic - 1. Liga 2022/2023
2022-08-06 10:00
round 2
Slovan Liberec
half time result
Slovan Liberec
assisted by C. Frydek
9' M. Doumbia
assisted by D. Preisler
22' M. Talovierov
assisted by A. Gningue
43' J. Urbanec
assisted by C. Frydek
45' M. van Buren
F. Zak (out)
46' L. Kodad (in)
T. Kucera (out)
46' J. Knapik (in)
assisted by I. Rondic
53' M. van Buren
reason: Unsportsmanlike conduct
59' A. Hycka
T. Vondrasek (out)
59' M. Hybs (in)
J. Kristan (out)
59' R. Cerepkai (in)
D. Preisler (out)
61' J. Matousek (in)
assisted by M. Doumbia
69' M. van Buren
reason: Holding
69' L. Cerv
J. Mikula (out)
72' M. Pourzitidis (in)
L. Cerv (out)
72' I. Varfolomeev (in)
M. Doumbia (out)
81' D. Visinsky (in)
M. van Buren (out)
81' M. Kozak (in)